Are trees and branches blocking the view of your premiere home? Sometimes the trees we love can grow a little too lush, blocking our scenic views. While we all love the trees on our property and the benefits they provide, trees in the wrong places can also ruin the aesthetic appeal of many homes. At Westcoast Tree Care, we can help you reclaim the view of your property while maintaining the overall health and structure of your trees with our view enhancement services.

View Enhancement

Pruning Your Trees

In most cases, the best way to improve your view is to prune and thin a tree’s branches. View enhancement includes the removal of large, heavy limbs that directly obstruct your view. This allows homeowners to keep their beloved trees while maintaining their gorgeous views.

Crown Reduction

When a tree gets too tall and begins obstructing your view, you may want to consider a crown reduction service. Crown reduction must be done very carefully by a certified arborist in order to maintain a trees health and natural look. Specific branches can be cut to reduce height while side branches can be trimmed to maintain a natural appearance.

Skirt Raising

Sometimes a perfect view isn’t obscured by the height of a tree. Rather, it can be low hanging branches. At Westcoast Tree Care, our certified arborist can help remove any low-hanging branches to create a cleared space. This is a common practice when your home is located above the view of a valley, river or another scenic view. Skirt raising can also help to improve lawn growth by allowing additional light to enter extremely shady yards.

Westcoast Tree Care

At Westcoast Tree Care, our certified arborist has years of experience working to enhance property views with our careful and artistic tree care services. Whether you need professional pruning, crown reduction or skirt raising, we can help provide you with breathtaking views to add to the aesthetic appeal of your home and property. To schedule a no-cost, no-obligation quote, contact us at 1.800.767.8733.