It’s an unfortunate fact that trees are susceptible to a large variety of factors that can cause them to fail. Things like storm damage, insect infestation, malnutrition, poor soil condition, flooding, old age, and disease can affect the health and safety of a tree. If a tree on your Spokane property just isn’t looking like it should, it’s important to contact Westcoast Tree Care to have your tree evaluated in case you need a hazardous tree removal service.

Tree Removal Indications

Whatever the case may be, an unhealthy or damaged tree can cause serious problems for any Spokane homeowner. Prompt, swift action must be taken to prevent a potentially dangerous situation from happening. Below are some common symptoms to look out for that may indicate a hazardous tree.

Poor Structure

Leaning or an odd shape caused by an unnatural growth pattern can indicate potential failure. Severe storms and improper pruning techniques can also cause the structure of a tree to become compromised.


A tree can fail due to root rot and decay. While hard to diagnose without the help of a certified arborist, signs to look out for include mushrooms, cavities, insect damage, dead branches and soft, breakable wood.

Weak Unions

When two branches of equal or lesser size originate from the same union, they are often weaker and more prone to splitting. Deep cracks, that extend deep or completely through the trunk may indicate structural failure resulting in the removal of the entire tree.


Stress or infections can result in cankers. Cankers that take up more than half of a tree’s circumference may warrant the removal a hazardous tree removal.


Broken branches or sections of a tree that are dead is considered deadwood. Deadwood can be especially dangerous because it can fall unexpectedly and cause extensive harm or damage.

Westcoast Tree Care

It’s important to pay attention to any indications of a hazardous tree. Keep in mind that many signs are often subtle or even undetectable to the untrained eye. If you suspect your tree on your Spokane property may be diseased, damaged or dying, contact Westcoast Tree Care at 1.800.767.8733. Our certified arborist can help diagnose a variety of tree care problems and answer any questions you may have about a hazardous tree removal service.